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[UX,UI] snazzymaps - google-map plugin

작성자 Ernst
작성일 20-01-22 13:56 | 340 | 0


Snazzy Maps 는 Google Maps에 개발자 또는 디자이너가 원하는 Style을 구현하도록 자용자 지정맵 스타일 커뮤니티 포털이다.

사이트 내에서 생성된 스타일들을 검색하고 찾아보기 쉽게 구현되어 있다.

Snazzy Maps에 제공되어지는 json을 복사 sytle page에 적용 하는 것으로 Google Map 원하는 Style을 적용할 수 있다. 


Using these styles in your website is as easy as copying the JSON on any style page and passing this to the map options of any Google Maps object. If you are creating your own HTML and JavaScript website be sure to read up on the Google Maps API and if this code is still too technical check out our Map Builder and just pick and choose the settings you want.

Some web platforms and blogging engines (like WordPress) make it difficult to edit code directly. To style your maps on these platforms you have to find a plugin that supports styled Google Maps. We've found some plugins for the most popular web platforms below. If you find a better one or have written your own feel free so send them to us at


The Official Snazzy Maps WordPress Plugin (Free for Open Source and Personal Use)

Responsive Styled Google Maps Plugin ($13)

CP Google Maps Plugin ($20)


Styled Maps (Free!)

Extended Google Map Plugin ($30)

WYSIWYG Web Builder

Aditerum Snazzy Maps Plugin (Free!)

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